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Making Your First Homeowners Insurance Premium Affordable

First Homeowners Insurance Premium Affordable

Buying a home? Don’t lose money with an over-priced home policy. After an exhausting process of finding the perfect starter home, buying the first homeowners insurance policy that you can find sounds pretty good. While this is tempting, it’s important not to do this. Home insurance is just as crucial as securing the right mortgage rate! With

How to Determine Which Type of Car Insurance You Need


Before you select a bare policy with little coverage, assess which type of auto insurance you will need. Your auto insurance is a collection of different policies that cover you in different ways. While you know that you need auto insurance, do you know what types you will need? Staying safe on the roads depends

Avoid These Life Insurance Mistakes!

A Free Term Life Insurance Quote Is Only Easy To Obtain

Avoid these life insurance policy pitfalls. As a parent, spouse, and family member, buying life insurance is there to protect our loved ones when we pass suddenly. As a selfless policy, you’ll never actually get to use your plan – your family will. However, they will be thankful for it! If you’re in the market

Benefits of Using an Independent Agent for Your Business Insurance Needs


Want to get the best insurance for your business in Phoenix, AZ? Choose an independent agent! As a business owner, nobody knows your business better than you. That’s why it’s so important that you give your valuable insider insight when searching for the right insurance coverage for your business. When you meet with an independent

4th of July Safety Tips

fireworks over United States flag

Stay Safe This 4th of July with These Tips! Happy 4th of July from everyone at American Premier Insurance. While you are enjoying all of the holiday festivities with your family, it is important to remember to stay safe, especially around fireworks. If you are planning on lighting your own fireworks, make sure to check

Going on Vacation? Here’s How to Leave Your Home Safe

Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Heading out on vacation? Be sure to protect your home! Where is this summer taking you? Whether it’s a tropical, action-packed, or relaxing holiday, many people go on holiday over the summer months. With time off work and school, it makes it ideal for families, couples, and individuals alike. While you’re packing to head out

Surprise Dad This Father’s Day with a Fun Day Out!

Surprise Dad This Father’s Day

Make the most of the man in your life with these fun activities. Are you looking for a simple and meaningful Father’s Day (Sunday, June 18) activity that will help you to bond with your old man? This year, put down the cheesy card that won’t have his sides splitting and, instead, check out these fun father-child