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Why is Business Continuity Important?

Why is Business Continuity Important

After disasters, businesses face risks of closing. Across the nation, we’ve seen a variety of severe weather-related events. As there is little we can do to control the weather system, there are steps that we must take to protect our lives on the ground. Many businesses face a huge amount of exposures. Managing these risk

How to: Prepare Your Business’s Finances for the New Year

Business Finances

Start the New Year on the right financial foot. It may be hard to believe, but we’ll soon be in 2017! The days and weeks leading up to New Years Eve can be a hectic time of year for small businesses across the nation, with many racing to get loose ends tied up before the

Lower Your Business’ Risk of Professional Liability Lawsuits

Professional Liability Lawsuits

Implement end-to-end business liability management to reduce lawsuit risks. Business owners, are you laying all the right groundwork to protect your company from lawsuits? Although you may think you are, one common factor that many forget is Professional Liability. Even just one simple error or overlooked item can quickly land your business in a courtroom,

How to: Build a Happier and Healthier Workforce!

Happier and Healthier Workforce

Set your team up for success with positive health habits. The health of your employees matters – somewhat more than you may realize. If your team is always getting ill or sick, you’ll be missing out on quality work and productivity. While it’s not the business owner’s sole responsibility to ensure that the employees are

10 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Cyber Liability Risk

Reduce Cyber Liability Risk

Is your business safe from cyber threats? With the rise of technology comes a growing risk of data breaches and cyber liability lawsuits. While you may think your computers are safe behind locked doors, this is certainly not the case anymore. Skilled hackers are now able to tap into devices within seconds, gaining instant access

Top Homeowners Insurance Tips

Top Homeowners Insurance Tips

Looking for home insurance? Use these tips to land yourself the best policy at the best price. Finding the best homeowners insurance is bound to take a little bit of information juggling. You want to weigh price, customer service, and claims processing along with total coverage. After all, if you buy the lowest priced policy

Pros and Cons of Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics: Pros and Cons

Gone are the days of stiff office chairs – but does their absence benefit your employees? When it comes to the office environment, business owners want to keep their staff as comfortable as possible. After all, sitting at a desk all day is not part of anyone’s healthcare routine. Sitting down all day is not only bad