How to: Build a Happier and Healthier Workforce!

Happier and Healthier Workforce

Set your team up for success with positive health habits.

The health of your employees matters – somewhat more than you may realize. If your team is always getting ill or sick, you’ll be missing out on quality work and productivity. While it’s not the business owner’s sole responsibility to ensure that the employees are taking care of their health, there are a few tasks that you can do to encourage positive behavior – as well as keeping your team smiling!

According to recent research, people who take advantage of work health programs are three times more likely to be engaged and satisfied with their job! In turn, the business is run by an efficient, dedicated, and happy workforce.

Here’s how to keep your team healthy without breaking the bank.

  • Visit a wholesale club twice a month and stock up on healthy treats like fresh fruit, nuts, and granola bars for the employee kitchen. Throw away any sugary beverages, fast food, and artificial sweets in the cupboards.
  • Host healthy potlucks! Once or twice a month, ask members of the team to prepare a nutritious dish at home and each lunch as a group.
  • Get out of the conference room and discuss important ideas during walking meetings. Even just 15 minutes a day of moderate exercise, like brisk walking, has health benefits such as lowering the death rate an additional 4 percent.
  • Invest in standing desks or a few stability balls so employees can take a break from sitting all day.
  • Encourage employees to take breaks throughout the day to reduce stress. Brief mental breaks can dramatically improve a person’s ability to focus on tasks for prolonged periods of time.

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