Add These Insurance Resolutions to Your 2017 List!

Insurance Resolutions

Kick off the New Year with these insurance resolutions.

Are you ready to ring in the New Year? If you’re all set for 2017, you’ll need to factor in an insurance review. Coverage protects your assets, family, and finances. To best determine what policy is best for you, you’ll need to assess your current policies as well as what you need to improve in coverage. Read on for the insurance resolutions that you should consider for 2017.


Auto insurance premiums are directly affected by how often you drive as well as the vehicle model, be sure to let your insurer know if your driving habits have changed. Consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage on an older vehicle to save money, if you have an older vehicle with little value. Your insurance company will repair or replace only up to the value of the vehicle, so paying for full coverage on an aging vehicle may not be worth it.


The start of the New Year is a great time to update the inventory of your possessions. You’ll need to ensure that your homeowners insurance inventory accurately matches the contents of your home. In short, if you’ve reduced your home possessions or bought more items over the year, you’ll need to update your inventory. Consider a special rider to cover expensive items that may exceed the limits of your home policy.


As you launch into the New Year, look to review your life policy. If you’ve recently stopped smoking, lost weight, or come off medications, talk to your insurer to know if you can save on your life insurance rate.

Kick off your New Year by adding these insurance resolutions to your 2017 list! Secure the quality insurance that your need for the New Year by contacting the professionals at American Premier Insurance, located in Phoenix, Arizona!