Homeowners, Prevent Property Crimes with These Tips

Prevent Property Crimes With These Tips

Reduce the opportunities and violence in robbery and property crime.

Homeowners have a lot of risk factors to consider. Not only do they need to protect their home from natural disasters, fire, and damage, but property crime should be taken into consideration to protect the property. The best way to prevent crime is to be aware of the potential risks and staying alert to situations that make your property vulnerable. After all, property crime can be tragic, dangerous, and expensive.

The FBI’s statistics show that a property crime is committed every 3.5 seconds in the United States. Even if you live behind closed gates, you are still at risk of suffering from property crime.
Here’s how to keep your house safe!

Be Organized

Organizing the community helps to keep everyone on the same page and provides some actionable items to assist with preventing crime. In a neighborhood watch or community watch, the intent is to develop relationships with neighbors and strengthen the communities. Watch for suspicious activity, marking property to indicate ownerships and conducting home security surveys. Studies have shown that the presence of a neighborhood watch can deter most property crimes by showing criminals that communities are aware and know how to spot suspicious activity quickly.

Avoid Burglaries

You can avoid making the burglars’ entry an easy one with these steps:

  • Invest in good locks for all outdoor doors
  • Always ensure that side gates are padlocks
  • Keep ladders out of sight
  • Lock away garden tools or other implements that could be used to break a window.
  • Do not leave a spare key about the premises outside. You’re not fooling anyone by hiding the key underneath the plant pot.
  • Use security lighting to deter suspicious activity.
  • Leave lights on a timer switch and ask someone to close the curtains at night and open them in the morning.

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