Questions to Ask Your Commercial Insurance Agent About General Liability Coverage

Questions to Ask General Liability Coverage

What you should be asking your agent about general liability insurance.

As a small business owner, you know that protecting your investment is just part of what it means to run a business. Quite simply, if you don’t, all of your hard work could be easily lost in a single incident. While you can do your best to prevent mishaps, accidents happen. General liability insurance is one of the fundamental types of business insurance that form the foundation for a strong safeguard for your company.

As you shop for insurance, here’s what you should be asking your insurance agent about general liability insurance to ensure you have the right coverage.

What’s covered?

There’s good reason that general liability insurance is a crucial policy – it covers a lot of risks. That said, there’s no one policy that protects your business entirely. Be sure to ask your agent what is covered – as well as what is missing.

How much does my policy cover?

In essence, you’re asking what your policy limits cover. A limit is a total amount that your policy can pay out. There are two limits for general liability policies: aggregate limit and occurrence limit. The former is how much your policy will pay for a single year in all claims, and the latter is the amount your policy can pay for any individual claims.

Do these limits cover my needs?

Depending on your business size, claims history, and industry, you may need higher limits to suit your business’s risk.

How can I get more coverage?

An umbrella policy can supplement your general liability coverage when the limits have been reached to best protect your company.

How do I submit a claim?

Your insurer can give you pointers on how to make the claim filing process quick and easy. Be aware that when the time comes to file your claim, you’ll need to contact the claims department rather than your dedicated agent.

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