Eight Steps to Reduce Risks to Your Business Vehicles

Risk Business Vehicles Insurance

Combat common risks on the road by protecting business vehicles and drivers.

Small and large businesses alike make use of commercial vehicles to maintain their operations, transport products, and allow employees movability. Owning and operating commercial vehicles means that your business is always on the move – but it also comes with its share of risks. Keeping your employees and vehicles safe as well as protecting the property must be a top priority. Be sure to have sound risk assessment strategies in place, as well as commercial auto insurance, to accomplish this.

Evaluate the Risks

Consider the products that will be transported, how they will be transported, where your vehicles will be driving, and the type of level of driver training that employees will be expected to have are all common considerations. You will want to ensure that the vehicles are examined and maintained by reliable motor garages, as well as where you’ll store the vehicles when not in use.

Risk Control

Put the following policies into place!


  • Maintain vehicles and perform necessary repairs and updates.
  • Ensure employees always lock company vehicles and park in well-lit, secure areas.
  • Limit the vehicle use to work-related travel only.
  • Store cars and trucks in a garage under lock and key when not in use.


  • During the hiring process, perform the necessary background checks, such as the driving license, references, training, and more.
  • Provide vehicle training for all employees, no matter what their expertise.
  • Enforce strict rules about always wearing a seatbelt and never using a phone while operating the vehicle.
  • Set up a zero tolerance policy. Any driver found driving under the influence will face serious repercussions.

Owning and operating vehicles as part of your business comes with many risks, but many that you can protect them from with reliable commercial auto insurance. To get the right policy for your business, contact the experts at American Premier Insurance, serving Phoenix and neighboring cities in Arizona.