Things Freelancers Should Know about Getting a Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance Plan

More and more people are choosing freelancing as a career, especially in the wake of the pandemic that left many people jobless. A 2014 study by Upwork, a freelance platform, revealed that one in three Americans had undertaken a freelance project over the past year. This number has only grown since then. There are many

Do I Need Another Life Insurance Policy If I Have One from Work?

Life insurance Policy

If you’re a salaried employee whose employer provides a life insurance policy, you might be tempted to think it’s enough. If you’re young, single, and debt-free, it might be enough. However, if you’re not, it probably isn’t. There is no legal limit to how many life insurance policies you can get. Despite this, insurance companies

Will My Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage

Termites and other malicious insects can cause significant damage to your home in a short span of time. Repairing or replacing objects damaged by termites can cost you heavily. The good news is that in most cases, such damages are preventable. By proper care and maintenance of your house property, you can easily eliminate these

6 Ways to Get over Your Fear of Driving

fear of driving

Fear of driving, also known as motorphobia, results in extreme and persistent fear of driving on the roads. There are several reasons why you might experience distress or panic attack the moment you think about driving. Past experiences on the road, a history of accidents, lack of trust in your driving abilities, noisy and crowded

Can a Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

Can a Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance

Everyone tends to be in a hurry at some time or another. We all tend to push the line when it comes to following the speed limit. Getting a ticket can happen to anyone, even those who try really hard not to speed excessively. One ticket may not damage your record too much. However, if

4 Ways to Protect the Mental Health of Your Employees During COVID-19

4 Ways to Protect the Mental Health of Your Employees During COVID-19

Stress in the workplace is nothing new. With COVID-19, however, more and more people have been put in unique situations that will take some time to get used to. Many people have been forced to work from home, while others have had to assume more responsibility since there are fewer people in the workplace. As

Useful Tips to Prevent Room-Specific Home Emergencies

guide for room emergency guide for room emergency

Home emergencies can happen at any time of day. They take a wide variety of forms, many of which can be prevented if you take care of your home and look for ways to avoid accidents. It only takes a few minutes to remove any obstacles that may lead to an accident or emergency in