Retail Risk Management: Knowing the Top Threats

a business owner outside of her shop

Common risks facing your retail business.   Every business has unique risks, and the retail industry is no different. From physical injuries in your store to damaging cyber attacks, retail risks can have a significant impact on your business.   Theft of physical items Shoplifters remain a major headache for traditional store operators. A great

Which Medical Issues Impact My Life Insurance Premium?

a diabetes phamplet

Health conditions could affect your life insurance premiums.   When you’re applying for life insurance coverage, you’ll be asked about your health and family’s health history. When deciding whether or not to provide you with a policy, an insurer will look at these two factors as well as your age, occupation, gender, smoking habits, and

Is Car Insurance Cheaper with a Dashcam?

a car with a dashcam

Should you get a dashcam to save on auto insurance?   These days, it’s normal to see motorists recording their drive through dashcam. These small cameras are designed to capture what is going on around the vehicle and can be used as evidence if an accident or claim arises. Dashcams make life easier for car

Misconceptions People Have About Buying a House

house keys

Common untruths people assume about home buying.   Purchasing your first home is an exciting time. You’re close to having your own property where you can paint, decorate, and design as you please. But before you dive into the world of house hunting, we bust some common misconceptions which could hinder your first purchase.  

Give the Gift of Life Insurance for the Holidays

presents under tree

Gift your loved ones with a life insurance policy.   Are you out of ideas on what to get your loved ones this holiday? Do they already have everything they need and want? Perhaps it’s time to start thinking outside of the box. Gifting your loved ones with something long-lasting and valuable is a great

Tips for Avoiding a Holiday Hangover

champagne glasses

Enjoy the festive season without the holiday hangover.   The holiday season is a time for giving, family, feasts, and lots of cheers. All this can mean that too many cocktails and eggnogs are part of the festivities. Whether it was one too many at the holiday office party or just a way to unwind

Fleet Managers, Avoid These Costly Oversights

a truck on a road

Avoid making these costly mistakes when assessing your fleet team.   Driving managers face plenty of challenges in today’s society, from recruiting safe drivers to enforcing safety policies. Although your organization may have a strong safety culture, there are easy safety mistakes we all make. Keep an eye out for these costly oversights that could