5 Worst Tickets for Your Insurance

While any ticket you receive will affect your auto insurance, there are certain tickets that will have a larger effect. In general, moving violations will affect your auto insurance significantly while parking violations will have a negligible effect.

1. Speeding is the most common type of moving violation, and it is one of the worst for your automobile insurance. Multiple speeding tickets within the course of a year can sometimes as much as double your premiums.

2. Reckless driving will skyrocket your insurance costs within a single ticket. Reckless driving means that you were driving in a way that could potentially cause either property damage or injury to a person.

3. Driving while under the influence will have huge ramifications for your insurance policy, and if you are found guilty it is likely that you’ll need to pay an incredible amount in insurance premiums for the next few years.

4. Running a red light is another indication to an insurance company that you may not be driving in a safe manner.

5. Driving without a valid license is also cause for concern for your insurance company, especially if your license is suspended due to either reckless driving or a DUI.

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