Why Are Fewer Americans Interested in Self-Driving Cars?

Why Are Fewer Americans Interested in Self-Driving Cars?

Safety concerns dent Americans’ interest in autonomous vehicles.  

New research has found that less than half Americans (43 percent) are now interested in using self-driving cars, down from just over half (53 percent) in 2017. It seems like a rapid change of mind, especially when only last year we were all amazed and intrigued by the concept of self-driving vehicles. So, why the sudden change of heart?

The researchers who conducted the study found that the majority of people had changed their minds on autonomous vehicles because of safety concerns. Following crashes and fatal accidents by Uber’s and Tesla’s test vehicles recently, there seem to be questions raised over whether or not these vehicles can indeed be safe.

One of the appeals of self-driving vehicles is safety. From automatic braking to sensors that detect what the eye cannot register in time, there are many benefits of having technology take the wheel. Unfortunately, all of this is just in theory. When Uber tested their vehicle recently, it hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the street. When Tesla took their self-driving vehicle out for a spin, it didn’t recognize a concrete wall and crashed into it. The driver died. The publicity surrounding self-driving vehicle has not been positive, to say the least.

A small majority of Americans (52 percent) say they are confident that the technology will develop safely enough to consider trading their conventional vehicles for self-driving ones. However, some still have concerns and say that a human driver should always be behind the wheel and able to take full control of the vehicle at any time.

Many Americans are far from being convinced that self-driving cars ca be operated safely. Are you interested? For your car insurance needs in Phoenix, Arizona, contact the professionals at American Premier Insurance. We are ready to get you reliable coverage.