Arizona Follows a Prudent Water Strategy

Since 2010, the state of Arizona has made annual adjustments to the amount of water taken from the Mighty Colorado River.  Lake Mead was created when the Hoover Dam was built in the 1930s.  All surrounding states have an allocated share of water that can be used each year.  Arizona refused its annual share in 2010 to prevent mandatory cutbacks in subsequent years.

Western states have been in a state of drought for more than a decade.  Arizona has been especially hard hit since rainfall has been well below normal.  Strategic planning in the 1990s allows Arizona to maintain healthy underground aquifers that provide water during the driest years.  The canal that brings water from the Colorado River to Arizona’s largest cities might remain dry during some years.

Lake Mead has been well below “full” for many years.  Southern California requires significant quantities of water to provide for the large produce farms that feed much of the western U.S.  Every state in the region has been working diligently to find other water sources.

Arizona knows that taking water from the Colorado River when not absolutely necessary could trigger limits that would cause difficulty in future years.  The current strategy protects the farmers and residents without imposed limits.

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