Auto Insurance Discounts Save Money for Arizona Drivers

Insurance companies attract low-risk drivers through healthy discounts that encourage certain behaviors.  Reducing risk is the best way to lower the costs of insurance each year.  Drivers are wise to ask for every possible discount.


  • Multiple cars – More than one car on the same policy lowers the insurer’s administrative costs.  Discounts can reach 10 percent.
  • Multiple policies – Homeowners, life, umbrella liability and auto insurance with the same insurance company are encouraged through discounts up to 15 percent.
  • Good credit – People who manage money well prove to be safe drivers, too.  Insurance companies reward good credit through discounts on auto insurance.
  • Good student – Young drivers are rewarded for good grades in high school and college.
  • Safe driver – A clean driving record will lower insurance rates dramatically.  Anyone who has not had a moving violation or accident in the past three years will pay less for car insurance.
  • Low mileage – Cars that are driven seasonally can qualify for discounts with certain insurance companies.  Students and snowbirds will find lower premiums since the vehicle is parked much of the year.
  • Annual payment – Paying the entire annual premium in a lump sum lowers costs for the insurance company.


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