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Personal Automobile Insurance: How More Accidents, Larger Claims Increase Costs?

Personal Automobile Insurance

Recent data from the NAIC (Association of Insurance Commissioners)   reveals from 2014 to 2018, car insurance rates in the U.S. rose 30% despite a modest rise of 7% in the number of auto insurance policies. For instance, in 2018, a typical motorist paid $ 1,190 for auto insurance.  In 2020, the typical policyholder paid $1,202

How Compulsory Auto Insurance Laws Impact Society?

Compulsory auto insurance laws

Operating a vehicle comes with a lot of risks. Uninsured drivers are especially dangerous because they have no security net when they are involved in an accident. Unfortunately, many states have been unable to compose laws to reduce the number of uninsured drivers. As a result, compulsory auto insurance laws are starting to emerge. Pretty

6 Ways to Get over Your Fear of Driving

fear of driving

Fear of driving, also known as motorphobia, results in extreme and persistent fear of driving on the roads. There are several reasons why you might experience distress or panic attack the moment you think about driving. Past experiences on the road, a history of accidents, lack of trust in your driving abilities, noisy and crowded

Can a Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

Can a Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance

Everyone tends to be in a hurry at some time or another. We all tend to push the line when it comes to following the speed limit. Getting a ticket can happen to anyone, even those who try really hard not to speed excessively. One ticket may not damage your record too much. However, if

When Is the Best Time to Buy Car Insurance?

Best Time to Buy a Car

Insurance for all your property is always a good decision; however, high premiums are causes of worry for many people. Property owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce their premium rates, and this article examines some of the ways to reduce car insurance costs. There are many factors that go into determining car insurance

Night Driving Safety Tips for Safer Roads

Night driving safety tips

Knowing the most essential night-time driving safety tips can save your life. Driving at night comes with increased risks, and according to the National Safety Council (NSC), 50% of traffic fatalities occur in night time accidents. This is disturbing when you consider that only a fraction of our driving takes place at night. These increased

Teenage Drivers and Your Insurance: What You Should Know


It’s a momentous occasion – Your teen just got their driver’s license! Although you’re incredibly proud of them for completing this milestone, it’s also a nerve-racking time as they take the wheel. After all, the statistics are concerning – motor vehicle crashes continue to be the leading cause of death in the U.S. for 15