Avoid Property Damage During Rainstorms

Avoid Property Damage During Rainstorms

Heavy rain on the way? Prevent damage with these tips.

Spring is finally here and it’s almost time to revel in the sunshine. However, with spring often comes spring showers. While most of these events are just light sprinklings of rain, some of them can turn into heavy rainstorms. To help you avoid home damage in a storm, check out these tips.

The best thing you can do at any time of the year is to make sure your property is well looked after. Regular checks can help your home stand up to bad weather when it arrives!

  • Check your roof – Look for loose or missing titles, weak spots, and any other signs of damage.
  • Secure your fence – Make sure fence panels are fixed in place and that garden gates are in good working order.
  • Trim trees – If trees or bushes near your property are dead or dying, it’s wise to cut them back now before they become flying debris in the next storm.
  • Clean out gutters – Gutters help to keep the interior of the home dry. Clean out the gutters now, removing debris and dirt. Ensure that downspouts are directed away from the household, too!

If a storm’s on its way, don’t panic. Complete these tasks to help protect your home. Be sure to stay indoors as much as possible during a storm – It isn’t the time to get up on the ladder to clean the gutters.

  • Secure garden furniture – Put away ladders, garden furniture, children’s toys and anything else that strong winds could pick up.
  • Fasten doors and windows – Don’t forget to secure less frequently used entrances, like crawlspace doors.
  • Park vehicles inside the garage – If you don’t have a garage, park well away from trees, walls, and fences.
  • Keep pets indoors – Make sure pets are protected and small outside pets are brought indoors.

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