What You Need to Know About Vehicle History Reports

Basics of Vehicle History Reports

Just looking or ready to commit? Read this first!

When you’re about to buy a used car from a dealership, it’s likely that you’ll be offered a chance to view a Vehicle History Report to seal the deal. Of course, knowing the history of a car before you commit to buying it can be a huge advantage. Even more so, if you’re buying the car from a private party, you can’t always take their word that the car’s record is clean.

The most popular report is Carfax, and it can be a valuable resource to help you determine if that “slight used” hatchback has been passed on through multiple owners, involved in accidents, had major repairs, as well as whether all regular and scheduled maintenance has been performed. Neat, huh? A Vehicle History Report tells you:

  • Past owners – As well as the odometer readings at the time the vehicle changed hands.
  • Liens on the vehicle – Should an existing loan remain unpaid, you may have the vehicle repossessed with no recourse on your part if the seller disappears after the sale.
  • Title and accident history – This can alert you to any damage from flooding, theft, or accidents that the car has been involved in.
  • Faulty odometer settings – By having a printout of odometer readings, you’ll know if the odometer is correct or if the seller has rolled back the numbers to increase the price and make the car more appealing.
  • Your state’s Lemon designation – Not that many cars qualify for your state’s Lemon Law, but some do, so it’s good to know if the dealership has repurchased the vehicle only to resell it.
  • Safety recalls – These reports may also include additional information, such as reported vehicle safety recalls or issues – and if the recall repairs were performed!

While a report can tell you a great deal of things about a car, buyers shouldn’t solely base their decisions upon it. Check the vehicle from headlight to taillight for variations or flaws in the paint, uneven seams, and any bumps or dents.

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