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A Quick Guide to Using the Right Gasoline Grade

A Quick Guide to Using the Right Gasoline Grade

What are the Different Types of Octane Ratings? The capacity of a fuel to resist knocking or “pinging” during combustion caused due to an air-fuel mixture that detonates prematurely within your engine is calculated by its octane rating. The Octane ratings in the US are 87 (Regular), 89-90 (Mid-Grade), and 91-94 (Premium). This rating is

Is Business Insurance Necessary for Freelancers?

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As a freelancer, you are your boss, and this can be very glamorous and enjoyable. However, with such great responsibility comes equally great risk. Being your boss means you do not have the luxury of protection that an employee has under their employer’s insurance policy. Regardless of the industry in which you work as a

Here’s How You Can Help Your Employee Manage Their Stress

Work-related stress can cause major health concerns. Many employers are learning how important it is to help their employees manage their stress. As an employer, managing employee stress should be a top priority. Your employees are your most valuable asset. Without them, your company cannot succeed. Employee stress management programs are available to help. Encourage

Key Factors That Influence Business Insurance Rates

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As business owners know, your premium is comprised of a multitude of factors. It’s not a number that is plucked out the air by an insurance agency; instead, it’s developed from analyzing a business risk. Take a look at the top factors that influence your business insurance rates. The location of your business The location

How Small Business Owners Can Take Care of Their Mental Health

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2020 has been a rough year for us all. For business owners, your emotional wellbeing may have suffered when handling the pandemic and your business. However, that doesn’t mean that your mental health should take a backseat. To help you improve your own mental health as a business owner, take a look at these tips.

Common Examples of Employee Harassment in the Workplace

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Preventing common forms of workplace harassment.   Even in our civilized society, harassment is still a reality for millions of American workers. All forms of harassment, whether they’re based on gender, race, disability or personal beliefs, can leave a lasting, damaging effect on the victim. Not only that, but harassment creates a hostile environment where

What Insurance Do I Need for My Retail Store?

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Protecting your retail location.   Owning a retail store can be a rewarding experience, but it’s no small feat. With all the hard work, time, and dedication you put into your business, you will want to make sure it’s adequately protected. After all, there is a lot that could go wrong to put your livelihood