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Common Examples of Employee Harassment in the Workplace

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Preventing common forms of workplace harassment.   Even in our civilized society, harassment is still a reality for millions of American workers. All forms of harassment, whether they’re based on gender, race, disability or personal beliefs, can leave a lasting, damaging effect on the victim. Not only that, but harassment creates a hostile environment where

What Insurance Do I Need for My Retail Store?

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Protecting your retail location.   Owning a retail store can be a rewarding experience, but it’s no small feat. With all the hard work, time, and dedication you put into your business, you will want to make sure it’s adequately protected. After all, there is a lot that could go wrong to put your livelihood

Fleet Managers, Avoid These Costly Oversights

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Avoid making these costly mistakes when assessing your fleet team.   Driving managers face plenty of challenges in today’s society, from recruiting safe drivers to enforcing safety policies. Although your organization may have a strong safety culture, there are easy safety mistakes we all make. Keep an eye out for these costly oversights that could

Less-Obvious Steps to Lowering Your Business’s Accident Rate

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These tips can help to protect your business from unnecessary insurance costs.   As a business, it’s important to protect your workers and, in doing so, you also care for your business by reducing absenteeism, protecting your reputation, maintaining productivity, and retaining staff. When you are considering health and safety measures for your business, here

How Businesses Can Prevent Workers’ Compensation Audits and Mistakes

How Businesses Can Prevent Workers’ Compensation Audits and Mistakes

Common workers’ compensation audit mistakes to look out for. Although no business owner wants to undergo a workers’ compensation audit, they come if the territory if you run a business and have employees. Unfortunately, not all audits go smoothly, and sometimes your insurer may make mistakes. To help ease through the process, take a look

How to Uncover Repeat Workers’ Compensation Claim Offenders

How to Uncover Repeat Workers’ Compensation Claim Offenders

Ways to discover repeat workers’ comp claim offenders.   Most employees that are injured at work are honest and want to recover quickly to return to their jobs. As a business owner who hires people they trust and respect, it’s only natural to assume the best in your employees. There are workers, however, who are

Suggestions for Creating an Effective Wellness Program

Suggestions for Creating an Effective Wellness Program

Tips on how to create an effective wellness plan for your team members. Any business owner knows just how valuable employees are to the success of the company. Implementing employee wellness programs can help to benefit your team as well as reduce your company’s health care costs. Employees who participate in wellness programs are more