How to Buy Car Insurance for the First Time

a teen driving a car

When you are looking for your first car insurance policy, it can certainly seem overwhelming. There are so many policies and insurers out there – how can you possibly choose? Because first-time drivers have much higher risk rates, their premiums (the monthly or annual cost of insurance) is often high. To help you save money, it’s wise to pick the right insurer and coverage.


Shop around and compare insurance rates

Aim to get at least three auto insurance quotes from local insurances so that you can compare them. Don’t just look at the bottom line price, either. Instead, look at the levels of coverage they offer, the deductible, and how helpful the insurance agency will be in the event of a claim. Check out their online reviews and ratings before you decide to go with an insurer.


Get the right amount of coverage

If you purchase more car insurance coverage than you need, you’ll be paying extra for protection you’ll never use. That means one way to save money is to only buy as much insurance as is necessary for your situation. Don’t just settle for the state minimum requirements as these are often too low and can risk your finances in the future. Work with a trustworthy insurer to find the right level of cover.


Know your coverage

Even though everything in your policy may seem foreign, ask your insurer to walk you through your policy. This way, you know exactly what is and is not covered. As a result, you may find you need more coverage to protect yourself from additional risks.


These tips can help you to secure auto insurance for the first time. Do you have questions regarding your car insurance? For your car insurance needs in Phoenix, Arizona, contact the professionals at American Premier Insurance. We are ready to get you reliable coverage.