Where Car Accidents Happen the Most

car accident

The most frequent places where car accidents happen.  

Commuting to and from work, picking up the kids, driving to the store – we spend a lot of time on the road. It’s best practice to be aware of common places that people get into the most car accidents to better prepare yourself. While there are many common places where people get into accidents, keep in mind that the reality is that no matter where you are driving, there is always the potential of getting into an auto accident. Take a look at the most frequent places that auto accidents occur.

  • Intersections

The types of intersections that are prone to car accidents are roundabouts and unregulated or unsupervised intersections. When two roads meet, there is a potential for a car accident. When approaching an intersection, it’s best to look both ways before merging to better protect yourself and other motorists.

  • Parking lots

Typically, parking lots have little regulation. Car parks can also be tight on space and have insufficient lighting, meaning that motorists need to pay extra attention. When cruising through parking lots, remain vigilant of cars backing in and out around you.

  • Highways

Highways and freeways have higher speed limits, which allows motorists to travel at higher speeds. With this comes less of an aptitude for drivers to follow road safety rules, despite the increased risk of danger. Drivers and passengers should always remain aware of their surroundings. Be prepared to stop at any speed and look out for changing traffic patterns.

Car accidents can happen anywhere, but the likelihood of them happening to you decreases when practicing safe driving techniques. It’s always better to be a defensive driver, driving without any distractions. Another great way to stay protected on the roads is to secure a reliable auto insurance policy.  To get started, talk to the team at American Premier Insurance today.