Is Car Insurance Cheaper with a Dashcam?

a car with a dashcam

Should you get a dashcam to save on auto insurance?


These days, it’s normal to see motorists recording their drive through dashcam. These small cameras are designed to capture what is going on around the vehicle and can be used as evidence if an accident or claim arises. Dashcams make life easier for car insurance companies as they simplify the claims investigation process. After all, a dashcam video provides a more reliable account of what happened rather than drivers or passengers.


At the time of writing, no major car insurance companies in America currently offer a dashcam discount. Even so, it’s in the car insurance company’s best interest for drivers to use dashcams. It expedites the claims investigation process, reduces the risk of insurance fraud, and shows the sequence of events.


Motorists, you may not get a discount for using that dashcam, but it could still save you thousands of dollars. Many drivers have successfully challenged tickets using a dashcam, for example. Since a single speeding ticket could impact your insurance premiums, relying on a dashcam could indirectly save you money on your car insurance premiums.


Dashcams also reduce vandalism, theft, and can clearly show that you were not at fault for an accident. For all of these reasons, a dashcam can quickly pay for itself – even if it won’t receive a discount on your insurance premium. However, discounts are likely to come into effect in the future – so keep an eye out!


Car accidents can happen anywhere, but the likelihood of them happening to you decreases when practicing safe driving techniques. It’s always better to be a defensive driver, driving without any distractions. Another great way to stay protected on the roads is to secure a reliable auto insurance policy.  To get started, talk to the team at American Premier Insurance today.