What You Should Know About Car Maintenance for Fall Car Care Month

What You Should Know About Car Maintenance for Fall Car Care Month

Tend to your vehicle this autumn.  

Fall is here and the days are getting shorter, the nights are longer, and the temperatures are starting to drop. Before the weather turns too cold and bitter, now is the time to do routine car maintenance. Get your vehicle ready for winter weather with these tasks.

Check the battery. The cold weather puts a lot of strain on any car’s battery. Now is the time to check that your battery can survive the coming months. Test the battery to check the charge. If your battery is low or old, get a new one before the cold snap.

Inspect the tires. Before winter starts, it’s always a good idea to check your tires to see if you need a new set. If your tires’ tread looks worn, play it safe and get new ones. When there are slick road conditions, you need all the traction you can get with good tires.

Replace the wiper blades. One of the best fall safety tips is to replace your wiper blades. Stopping distances increases when the weather changes, and it’s so important that you are able to see clearly. If you have wiper blades that smudge and smear, it’s best to renew the blades before the rain and fog arrive.

Replenish the antifreeze. Your antifreeze is your car’s biggest defense against cold weather. The radiator contains a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze, so it’s best to keep your antifreeze topped up with a mixture close to 50/50/

Review insurance. Fall brings adverse weather and road conditions. While safe driving habits can help you on the roads, auto insurance is there for when the worst happens.

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