Check Your Smoke Alarms

One of the seasonal hassles we’re spared in Arizona is switching the clocks back and forth for daylight savings. But, when national news stations remind you to turn back your clocks, you should do something else instead: check your smoke alarms and replace the batteries.

Since daylight savings time occurs every spring and fall, it’s the perfect prompt for semi-annual maintenance. In the case of your smoke alarms, this means a couple of things. First, replace the battery. Most take the simple rectangular 9V batteries. Usually, the battery still has juice, and can be used in applications like lanterns and remote controls. Next, test the alarm’s tone by pushing the testing button, which is usually on the face of the smoke alarm.

Daylight savings time is also a great time to prepare your family for emergencies. Make sure that children are at home when you test the alarms. Talk with them to establish a plan and a meeting place in case of fires.

Having an effective alarm system is one way to protect your home. Another is to have adequate homeowners insurance on your Phoenix area home. Contact one of our agents at American Premier Insurance to review your insurance needs.