What is a Clean Driving Record?

a driver of a car

What you should know about a clean driving record.

Most motorists on today’s roads like to think that they are good drivers. In reality, we’ve all made mistakes, bumped into things we didn’t see, and accidentally nudged past the speed limit. In fact, many of us may have a history of making mistakes. When it comes to driving records, maintaining a clean one is one of the best ways to find affordable auto insurance coverage. Here’s what you should know about a clean driving record.

  • What a clean driving record looks like

A clean driving record is one that doesn’t have any notices about accidents, moving violations or points. Keep in mind that insurers will have different definitions of this. For example, an insurance company might argue that you have a clean driving record if you have no claims. Employers may be willing to overlook minor violations.

  • Your driving record reflect violations from years past

Generally, your employer or insurance company will be able to pull a driving record that goes back 7 to 10 years. This driving record will list every minor or major violation over that time period. Whether you failed to take out insurance or received a speeding ticket, it will appear on your report.

  • Don’t lie about a clean driving record

You can’t escape a bad driving record – so it’s best not to lie about it. Employers that check your driving record and insurers will be able to see quite clearly that you have misinformed them, which could reflect poorly on you. A single, minor moving violation may not disqualify you from cheap insurance or a better job, but lying about that moving violation almost certainly will.

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