Does my Auto Insurance Cover my RV?

When you are considering protection for your RV, it is important to focus on getting the right type of coverage. An RV is different than a regular car, so your basic auto insurance will not provide the protection that you need if an accident occurs or your RV is damaged.

Instead of focusing on adding to your auto coverage, you need to purchase RV coverage. Your auto insurance will not cover your RV, even if it is pulled by your vehicle. An RV had different needs and potential problems than a car, so the type of protection that is provided by insurance companies will vary.

Before you buy any new insurance, take the time to read through the policy details. Make sure the insurance is appropriate for your needs so that you purchase the right coverage rather than obtaining inappropriate protection for your RV.

Keeping your property safe is not limited to having a basic insurance plan. You also need the appropriate policy and type of coverage to meet your particular needs and financial goals. In the case of an RV, you need insurance that is specific to the vehicle. To learn more about your options in Phoenix, contact American Premier Insurance.