Earthquake Insurance: What’s Covered?

When it comes to homeowners insurance, many individuals assume that it covers most possible problems that can occur. For those who live in areas that are prone to earthquakes, it may not provide the appropriate coverage for the situations because earthquakes are not covered in the standard homeowners plan.

Due to the risks, it is best to obtain earthquake insurance to protect a home against financial losses if a large quake causes damage to the house or items within the house. In general, the insurance will provide funds to repair a home or replace expensive personal belongings that are damaged during the seismic event.

Although it will cover general damage, be aware that it will not protect against floods or similar water damage. Even if the quake causes a tidal wave or tsunami that damages the home in a rush of flood waters, the coverage will not protect against that type of problem.

Living along a fault line, whether it is near the water or not, requires appropriate protection against earthquakes. Even though large quakes are rare, they can happen at any time. To learn more about protecting your home in Phoenix, contact American Premier Insurance.