Factors that Affect Vehicle Insurance Prices

There are many factors that affect car insurance prices. Some factors are beyond your control; other factors depend on your choices and personal driving habits. The following explores some of the most common factors affecting car insurance costs and ways in which you can help reduce your premium.

Type of Insurance: The type of policy you choose will affect its cost. The more coverage you desire, the higher your premium.

Your driving record: The accumulation of traffic violations and accidents on your driving record can increase your insurance premium. In like manner, a good driving record can help keep insurance costs down.

Type of Vehicle: In general, expensive luxury or sports vehicles cost more to insure than the average family sedan. In the event of an accident, these vehicles will cost much more to repair.

Age, Sex and Marital Status: Young, single men age 25 and under generally pay higher insurance premiums. Sometimes taking a driving safety course can help you offset this cost.  

Where you drive: Because of increased risk of theft, vandalism and accidents, city drivers often pay higher rates than drivers who live in rural areas. 

The more you learn about vehicle insurance coverage and costs, the better choices you can make to reduce your premium. For more information on vehicle insurance coverage and costs in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, contact American Premier Insurance.