Fleet Managers, Avoid These Costly Oversights

a truck on a road

Avoid making these costly mistakes when assessing your fleet team.  

Driving managers face plenty of challenges in today’s society, from recruiting safe drivers to enforcing safety policies. Although your organization may have a strong safety culture, there are easy safety mistakes we all make. Keep an eye out for these costly oversights that could end up hurting your business – and more.

Hiring a driver that doesn’t meet your standards just to fill an opening.

The pressure to fill open positions is often outstanding. This can put a strain on managers to hire drivers, even if that means reducing or ignoring hiring standards. However, this can be costly, especially if the driver isn’t suitable for the role or safety standards.

Failing to act when an employee turns high-risk.

We live in the age of data. If an employee is making mistakes or taking risks frequently, your data will tell you. In most cases, this points to a developing risk problem before it turns into a serious collision. Once the individual is identified, it’s important to take immediate corrective action and monitor the effectiveness of the action.

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