Get to Know Harold of American Premier Insurance Agency


The American Premier Insurance Agency is dedicated to serving the clients, their family, and their business. We have a handful of professionals and we would like you to get to know them better. Here is Harold Bordelon who started working in the insurance industry since 1986. After almost 30 years of experience, you can be assured that he has the knowledge and understand as to what you need in terms of insurance.


Once a member of the United States Air Force, Mr. Bordelon knows that everyone can benefit from the right insurance policy. Unfortunately, not all people are aware of how to choose or at least find the best policies around. This is what the mentioned agency wants to change. With a team of committed and consumer-centric people such as Harold, our office is filled with individuals who are always ready to provide service. Whether you need assistance in getting affordable rates on auto insurance, renters insurance, health insurance, or business insurance, we encourage you to contact us and get a quote now!

If you would like to meet the team or get to know more about our services in Phoenix, please do not hesitate to contact American Premier Insurance Agency today.