Getting Insured for Every Phase of Your Life

life insurance tips

As you begin your journey through life, you will go through many phases. When you are young, life insurance may seem like a waste of time. On the contrary, it can be quite beneficial, especially if you have student loan debts or family obligations. The key is learning what type of policy is best for the phase of life you are in.

Single, with No Obligations

Even if you are single with no kids, you still have some type of financial obligation. Student loans, car loans, personal loans, or a mortgage if you have purchased a home. A good life insurance policy will pay off any debts you have and also allow you to care for your aging parents if they rely on you in any way. Even single people tend to have financial obligations that will suffer if their income is no longer available.


Getting married is a big step. Now you have your obligations as well as your spouses’. Buying life insurance before you actually start your family is the best way to prepare yourself for the future. While you are married, you spend time planning your future. Including the perfect life insurance policy in the mix is the best way you and your spouse can maintain that forward motion, even during a difficult time. Even if you do not have children, a life insurance policy can be very helpful when it comes to securing your future.

Becoming a Family

Once you start a family, your insurance goals will change from term or universal to whole life. A whole life policy will make sure that your family has everything they need if something would ever happens to you. Not only will the policy pay off your debts and final expenses, but it will also provide enough money for your family to live comfortably without your income. Trusts can be set up for your children’s education or to keep your business running smoothly.


Your kids are grown and out on their own. You are getting ready to retire and live a simpler life. These are major changes and may call for another life insurance policy change. Your insurance agent will be able to walk you through buying a life insurance policy if you are getting close to retirement age. If you already have a life insurance policy, especially one with a lot of equity, you can begin to use that equity to your advantage. Working with your agent will help you make the most out of all your insurance policies.

Going through the phases of your life means learning what life insurance policies are most beneficial for specific times of your life. Do you have more questions regarding your life insurance? For your life insurance needs in Phoenix, Arizona, contact the professionals at American Premier Insurance. We are ready to give you reliable coverage.