Here’s How You Can Help Your Employee Manage Their Stress

Work-related stress can cause major health concerns. Many employers are learning how important it is to help their employees manage their stress. As an employer, managing employee stress should be a top priority. Your employees are your most valuable asset. Without them, your company cannot succeed. Employee stress management programs are available to help.

Encourage Healthy Habits and Lifestyle

The best thing you can do for your employees is to provide an environment where healthy habits and living a healthy lifestyle are encouraged. Allow your employees ‘stretch breaks’ where they can feel free to stand up and stretch for a few minutes, as regular movement greatly improves focus and productivity. Encouraging healthy habits is key to maintaining a healthy workforce.

Teach Your Employees the Facts About Stress

Teach your employees the facts about work-related stress. Help them to understand what causes stress and how stress affects the body over long periods of time. When it comes to managing employee stress, giving your employees the information they need to make informed choices about their health is essential. You can also bring in a massage therapist for chair massages during lunch or have a yoga instructor come in once or twice a month to reduce stress during the workday. Make sure you provide your employees with available stress reduction programs and activities. That way each employee can determine the best way method for him or her. Take the time to print out the information so they can take it with them and use it at home as well.

Offer EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs)

Employee Assistance Programs provide employees with resources they need to focus on their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Community challenge programs, fitness club memberships, and counseling services are examples of EAPs that encourage healthy habits and promote emotional well-being. In most cases, the cost of EAPs is shared between the employees and employer. Some EAPs are paid for by community partners who work with employers to support mutual efforts when it comes to promoting health and well-being.

Create a No-Stress Zone

Create a no-stress zone. Eliminate the harsh fluorescent lighting in the breakroom and add comfortable seating. Giving your employees a stress-free place to relax while they are on break will improve their focus when they return to work. If your property is large enough, create an outside area with a few picnic tables and a walking area. For those who don’t usually leave their job during lunch, having a calm place to go to can make a world of difference when it comes to diffusing stress and tension.

It is up to you as an employer to help your employees manage their work-related stress. Giving them the information and tools they need to be more focused and productive benefits everyone involved.

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