3 Home Appliances That Can Cause Fires

Home Appliances That Can Cause Fires

Top home machines that are fire risks.

Home appliances have transformed modern-day living, making chores a breeze. However, these appliances don’t come risk-free. Certain appliances can cause home fires, destroying property in seconds. To prevent your home from getting caught in a fire sparked by an appliance, check out these top machines to care for.


A dishwasher uses heating elements to get your plates clean. These elements get wet, heat up, and cool down every time you use a dishwasher. The majority of fires caused by dishwashers are because of faulty products and old heating elements, rather than misuse. This is why experts stress that we don’t leave these appliances running while we go out, just in case a fault develops.


When you run the dryer, lint starts to build up. Lint is often caught in the lint trap, but can bypass the trap and make its way into the exhaust hose. In these hot and dry conditions, all it takes is one spark to send the whole machine up in flames. It’s important to clean out the lint trap after every cycle and remove the exhaust hose regularly to remove the build-up of lint.


We all know the damage a toaster can do to bread! Just a few seconds too long and we have the fire alarm ringing and burnt toast for breakfast. Toasters have electric elements inside that are used to brown the bread. If the toaster fails and doesn’t shut off, a fire can start. It’s important to never leave the toaster unsupervised. Additionally, make sure you remove the crumbs on the bottom of the toaster regularly.

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