Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Pest Infestations?

Home Insurance Cover Pest Infestations

Knowing what is covered or not covered by your homeowners insurance is essential. You do not want to overestimate your claims and find out you didn’t have coverage for certain damages. Several pests are worth your concern, including bedbugs, termites, rats, mice, and cockroaches. Statistics say termites cost homeowners roughly $5 billion for remediation and damages annually. Mice and rats cause damages worth $21 million, which is exclusive of the health implications of a rodent infestation.

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Pest Infestations?

Considering the extensive damage caused by pests, you must know whether your home insurance policy covers pest infestation. Sadly, most of the time, your home insurance doesn’t cover this situation. This is because it is a damage that can be avoided, maintained, or controlled.  However, damage by pest infestation can be covered by the insurance company when the damage is sudden and unexpected.

When Does Home Insurance Cover for Pest Infestation?

Let’s say there was pest infestation going on for some time, and you found it out down the line only after considerable damage had been done. An insurance company would not pay for claims from the resulting damage because it could have been avoided, maintained, or controlled. If the pest infestation is determined to be the cause of a fire or explosion, you can make a claim with your insurance service provider for the resulting damages. It is important to examine every possibility and determine what claims will be covered with your insurance agent. However, proving pest infestation caused a covered damage may not be easy.

What Insurance Options Are Available for Pest Infestation?

You’re left with only two options: pest control insurance and personal maintenance of your home against pest infestation. As long as the damage is sudden and unexpected, insurance companies should accept your claims for damages. However, how do you maintain your property against pest infestation in the first place? Don’t allow your home to be conducive for pests or pest infestation. Keep laundry off the floor, put it away properly, dispose of all waste products appropriately, and practice healthy hygiene.

Take time to find potential entry points for pests and seal them. Ensure your home doesn’t have any openings that would allow pests to enter your house easily. While you move around the house, find humid areas that may encourage pests and use a dehumidifier to make the area dryer and more unattractive to pests. Check beneath your sink, other plumbing, and places that tend to be dark and damp during humid weather.

Engage pest control companies to run routine checks around your home and property to reduce the risk of pest infestation. They are experts at their job and know what to look out for when they run checks in your home. These professionals also have very efficient pest-control mechanisms to keep you free and clear of any pests. Before you buy a home, you can also bring in a company to run checks on the apartment.

Home insurance doesn’t always cover pest infestation except when such infestation is sudden and unexpected.  You can always count on pest control insurance or maintaining your home from pest infestation to stay clear of damages. When you’re looking to protect your property, contact your insurance professionals at American Premier Insurance. Our dedicated experts are ready to assist you with all your home insurance needs in Phoenix, Tucson, and beyond.