What You Didn’t Know Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

What You Didn't Know Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

Your homeowners insurance covers more than just your home.  

Many people know that they are covered by homeowners insurance in the case of theft and vandalism, but did you know that your homeowners insurance can cover so much more? It’s not just the physical property, belongings inside of the home, and liability that is covered. Find out what else your homeowners insurance can cover.

Dog Bites

If your dog bites someone and causes that person injury, your policy should cover that person’s medical expenses even if the bite didn’t happen on your property. A lot of policies will also pay for legal expenses, should the injury result in a lawsuit.

Dorm Room Theft

If your child is studying full time at college and their items are damaged or stolen in their dorm room, your homeowners insurance policy can help repair and replace their expensive possessions. Note that if your child is living off campus, he or she will need renter’s insurance.

Identity Theft

Many policies guard against your personal property and will even pay out for costs pertaining to identity theft.


Outdoor trees, shrubs, and plants are often covered for a certain percentage of the total building. Trees are generally only covered if damaged by fire, theft, lightning or vehicle crashes.


Gravestones are protected from weather damage, theft, and vandalism since they are still your personal property. They don’t have to be on your property either to be covered.

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