Household Myths Debunked

interior kitchen

As a homeowner, you know some things to be true. Others, you may have read about online and have heard mixed opinions when it comes to maintaining a property. To help you bust some common household myths, read on.

1. Cleaning and disinfecting are the same thing

According to the CDC, cleaning refers to removing dirt and dust from surfaces. It also removes some germs, but not all, nor does it kill them. Disinfecting kills germs on the surfaces by dousing them with chemicals.

2. The best solution for getting rid of mold is bleach.

Although it’s true that bleach does kill mold spores, they can still cause allergic reactions even after they’re dead. The best alternative is to use a detergent and water with a scrub brush.

3. New washers and dryers are more efficient than older models.

In most cases, the new dryers won’t save you more money or energy than older ones. When it comes to washing machines, the new Energy Star-rated models use an average of 40% less energy.

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