How to Use Four Wheel Drive and When

There’s a brand-new four wheel drive vehicle sitting in your driveway, and you’re itching to use it. Before you go and have some fun, you need to be aware of when you should and should not engage the four wheel drive system. Using it the wrong way means you’re likely to break something that requires an extensive and potentially expensive repair.

The cardinal rule of four wheel drive is to never use it on dry pavement. Why not? It’s due to the fact that the traction system seeks out slipping from the wheels to compensate for. No slippage whatsoever can lock everything up and prevent the vehicle from moving forward.

The best time to use the four wheel drive is on wet or snowy pavement, or on loose soil conditions. If speed is needed, select the 4-Hi setting, which allows you to drive at highway speeds while in gear. When more torque and traction is needed, select 4-Lo and take it easy on the gas pedal. A vehicle that has an all wheel drive selection can be used on dry pavement as the computer only sends power to the wheel when needed.

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