What Insurance Do I Need for My Retail Store?

retail store

Protecting your retail location.


Owning a retail store can be a rewarding experience, but it’s no small feat. With all the hard work, time, and dedication you put into your business, you will want to make sure it’s adequately protected. After all, there is a lot that could go wrong to put your livelihood on the line. While we always hope that things will go smoothly, accidents do happen. A great way to safeguard your retail store and your pocket is to secure reliable insurance. Take a look at just a few coverages you should consider.


Commercial Property

If you have a physical store location, then property insurance is a must. It helps to cover both the interior and exterior of your business. It covers your equipment, lost inventory, damage to others’ property, the physical building, furniture, and more if the unexpected happens.


General Liability

When you invite people into your property, there is always a small chance that things can go wrong. General liability is there to help if things do, though. It covers claims incurred by negligence, bodily injury, and property damage. That means if a customer slips and falls or is gets injured by an item you sold, you have protection in place.


Workers’ Compensation

If you have employees working at your store, having workers’ compensation is essential. This protection helps to cover employees if they get injured or sick on the job and, in turn, incur medical fees and loss of income.


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