Insurance Solutions for Teen Drivers

All parents want to keep their children safe. When your teen becomes a driver, finding the best auto insurance solution is confusing. It is common to have many questions, and best way to begin to answer them is by reviewing your current car insurance policy.

Some insurance policies automatically cover a policy holder’s dependents with a learner’s permit. If this is the case with your policy, you should not purchase additional coverage for your child. Most policies that do not automatically cover a child with a learner’s permit allow you to buy coverage for a nominal charge.

A child with a driver’s license needs insurance. Adding the family member to your current policy may make the most economic sense, but it is expensive if you drive an expensive, late-model car. A better option is purchasing an older, cheaper car for your child and insuring him through an independent policy.

For more information about purchasing auto insurance for your child in Arizona, please contact American Premier Insurance.