Is your motorcycle properly insured?

The summer months are the perfect time for some cruising, but those that want to bust their motorcycle out should take some time to review their motorcycle insurance coverage. Not only may some people wish to increase or even decrease their motorcycle coverage, but it’s always advisable to regularly shop an insurance policy around to make sure that you are still getting the best possible deal on the coverage options that you require.

Many motorcyclists will want both comprehensive and collision coverage on their motorcycle, especially if their motorcycle is expensive. If you’ve made any modifications to your bike, you’ll need to update your coverage accordingly. Otherwise, the insurance policy won’t be able to reimburse you for any custom changes that you’ve made to your bike in the event that it gets damaged. As a bike gets older, such as a second bike that you only use on certain occasions, you can lower its coverage to suit the amount you actually use it and the market value of the vehicle. However, decreasing collision coverage can be very dangerous for bikes that are used often rather than sporadically.

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