Less-Obvious Steps to Lowering Your Business’s Accident Rate

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These tips can help to protect your business from unnecessary insurance costs.


As a business, it’s important to protect your workers and, in doing so, you also care for your business by reducing absenteeism, protecting your reputation, maintaining productivity, and retaining staff. When you are considering health and safety measures for your business, here are three things to look in addition to the obvious necessities.


Don’t get complacent

When we become familiar with processes and used to surroundings, it’s natural to let out guard down. In turn, however, activities which should be safe with the right level of attentiveness can become dangerous. Consider arranging morning or weekly meetings to remind workers of the importance of vigilance.


Offer support

When employees are struggling with their mental health, they can make mistakes. If a member of your team is repeatedly operating in a lax manner which is conducive to an accident, it’s important to understand why. Pull him/her aside to ensure they are okay and provide support if needed.


Be transparent

Hold yourself accountable for any accidents which do not take place on your site by publishing statistics around the office. Hiding incidents that occur at your workplace won’t help your reputation, and employees will appreciate your honesty and transparency


These tips will help you to protect your business and team members. Ready to find the business insurance that works in the background? Visit American Premier Insurance to get started on your tailored coverage.