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How Often Should You Paint Your House?

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Do you know when it’s time to repaint your house? Perhaps it’s when the exterior paint has started cracking. Or when the interior walls are scuffed up. While these are the most obvious signs, there are less-obvious clues that could lead to issues down the line. Here is when you should consider painting your property.

Tips for Avoiding a Holiday Hangover

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Enjoy the festive season without the holiday hangover.   The holiday season is a time for giving, family, feasts, and lots of cheers. All this can mean that too many cocktails and eggnogs are part of the festivities. Whether it was one too many at the holiday office party or just a way to unwind

3 Ways to Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

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Healthy eating tips for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving and the festive season is a time of indulgence for us all. The rich food, endless parties, and overflowing buffets make it all too easy to consume excess calories. It can be a difficult time of year for your waistline and overall health. To help, we’ve rounded up a

Top Tips on How to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

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Make your air conditioning unit more efficient in the home with these tips. In the summer months, walking into a cool house is a refreshing break from the sweltering heat in New York. But for homeowners and renters alike, a chilled property comes at a price. Running your central air conditioning can cost $3.84 a

How to Prevent Food Poisoning

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Stay safe this summer by avoiding common food poisoning errors. Every year, 48 million Americans get sick after eating contaminated food. Although symptoms are fairly mild (nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps) and will pass within a few days, there are some cases where food poisoning can be life-threatening. The most common offended are the norovirus

Foods to Eat During American Heart Month

Foods to Eat During American Heart Month

Load up on these heart-healthy foods this month.   Did you know that February is American Heart Month? Sure, Valentine’s Day usually gets the limelight, but taking a moment to think about your own heart organ is advised during this month. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death for men and women,

Try This Warming Chestnut Soup Recipe for National Soup Month

Try This Warming Chestnut Soup Recipe for National Soup Month

Warm up this winter with this delicious chestnut soup! Although the festive season has been and gone, winter is still here. That means we can make the most of chestnuts while they are in season! Since January is National Soup Month, whip up this delicious (and easy!) chestnut soup recipe. It makes a great dinner