How Long Can Kids Stay on Their Parents Auto Insurance Policy?

a teen driver

Car insurance coverage and your children.


Many young drivers get car insurance under their parents’ policy out of convenience and to save money. While this is a viable option for many, it’s important to know for how long can these kids remain on their parents’ policy. If you’re unsure, read on for more information.


  • Same addresses

Residency is a significant factor for car insurance companies. When people live together, they can often bundle their insurance policies. Generally, most car insurance companies will allow parents and children to remain on the same car insurance policy as long as they’re all living at the same address together. Even if your child goes away for college, he or she is most likely still a permanent resident of your home address.


  •  Moving matters

With the exception of going to college, a child should have their own auto insurance coverage after moving out. If the child is no longer living at the same address as the parents, he or she should look for their own policy.


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