Which Medical Issues Impact My Life Insurance Premium?

a diabetes phamplet

Health conditions could affect your life insurance premiums.


When you’re applying for life insurance coverage, you’ll be asked about your health and family’s health history. When deciding whether or not to provide you with a policy, an insurer will look at these two factors as well as your age, occupation, gender, smoking habits, and any pre-existing conditions. These risks will directly impact your ability to get a policy as well as how much you’ll pay to be insured. Take a look at just a few of the medical issues that will impact your premium.



Those with diabetes may have a hard time securing life insurance coverage. If you’ve been diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes, you may be predisposed to other health issues such as coronary artery disease, renal failure, blindness, and more. All of this puts you at a higher risk with life insurers. If your diabetes is under control and you can show evidence that it’s well-managed, you may be able to reduce your insurance premium.


Heart disease

Heart disease includes a number of conditions including heart attack and coronary heart disease. To help judge the severity of your heart disease risk, your insurer may look at your own health history as well as your family’s. Heart issues can often significantly increase the price you pay for coverage.



Your weight will likely be one of the first questions insurers ask you when looking to get coverage. Obesity is one of the root conditions that can lead to other health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. The level of risk is determined by your body mass index (BMI). If your BMI is high, coverage may be expensive. For those morbidly obese, you may not be able to obtain life insurance at all.


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