Mexican Auto Insurance

Anyone who plans on driving in Mexico must carry a Mexican auto insurance policy. Mexico does not recognize auto insurance policies of other countries, including the United States. Therefore, even though drivers may be insured in the U.S., they must purchase a separate insurance policy from a Mexican auto insurance company. Those traveling to Mexico should find an authorized Mexican insurance company located in the U.S. to purchase insurance from, before they leave on their trip.

Although some U.S. insurance companies claim that their standard auto insurance policies are valid in Mexico, these policies provide only limited coverage. The details vary, but most of the time they only provide coverage within 25 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border, and they only permit infrequent trips into Mexico. In the event of an accident in Mexico, these policies will only cover the American driver, as they are not recognized by the Mexican government. Drivers will be responsible for paying any expenses incurred by the other parties involved out of their own pockets.

If you are planning on driving anywhere in Mexico and live in Arizona, contact American Premier Insurance before you leave the U.S. They will be able to help you select adequate coverage meets every requirement to be valid in Mexico.