Pros and Cons of Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics: Pros and Cons

Gone are the days of stiff office chairs – but does their absence benefit your employees?

When it comes to the office environment, business owners want to keep their staff as comfortable as possible. After all, sitting at a desk all day is not part of anyone’s healthcare routine.

Sitting down all day is not only bad for our bodies, but it’s bad for our brain, and employees can quickly suffer from fatigue. Fortunately, from standing desks to treadmill desks, there are more ways to alleviate discomfort and increase productivity in the workforce – but are these new practices better for our health?

Exercise Balls
An exercise ball is an excellent way to work on the core and balance – not to mention it brings back the good ole’ days of our childhood. These balls have substituted chairs in many work environments, claiming to be better than a regular desk chair. However, they may do more harm than good. Continually engaging your back muscles can put stress on your back, which can lead to serious injuries like compression of discs in the spine. Leave these exercise balls in the exercise room.

Standing Desks
Elevating your computer screen and lifting up the keyboard has been a popular choice to get people on their feet! While this is certainly better than sitting all day, standing should be done in moderation. Standing in one spot for too long can hurt your feet, back, and neck, so be sure to alternate between sitting and standing every day.

Treadmill Desk
This is multitasking at its finest – working and walking. While many employees love this newfound freedom of exercising and getting work done, others feel as if they cannot concentrate on work as they are focusing on walking, and some even feel lightheaded and motion sick. If you’re considering a treadmill desk, try before you buy!

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