Renting: What’s The Deal With Insurance?

Renting is a great way to get out on your own, support your own lifestyle and enjoy your own home without having a lot of down payments and responsibilities to keep up with. For those on their own or who have just started a family, renting can be the best, most affordable option available. However, there are some things you need to know about renting that you may not know already. Renters insurance. 

The insurance your landlord has on his property doesn’t cover any of your stuff if something happens. It only covers his apartment/condo/house and, unless the appliances or other contents belongs to the landlord, it doesn’t cover those either. To protect any of your things you need a renters insurance policy. A policy like this will cover you if there’s a fire, flood, theft or natural disaster, as long as you’ve worked with an agent to make sure your policy has the appropriate coverages. 

Your landlord doesn’t care if your stuff is covered or not which means if you’re renting, you need your own insurance. If you live in the Phoenix Arizona area, you’ll want to contact American Premier Insurance so you can have the renters coverage you need to protect your stuff. Nobody’s going to do it for you!