Safe Driving In Spring Time

Warmer weather doesn’t always bring safer road conditions! Follow these tips, found in the article "Spring Driving Tips" on These suggestions will help you reach your destination safely.

  1. Watch for potholes. Dramatic changes in temperature and wetter weather can be hard on the roads. Spring time can bring deep crevices in the road that can be hard on your car. Watch the roads carefully while you drive.
  2. Mind the pedestrians. Beautiful weather can bring out pedestrians in all forms: running, walking and bicycling. Stay vigilant as you drive and slow down for pedestrians you pass.
  3. Wet weather can bring deep puddles. Avoid driving in puddles of unknown depths, and slow down for puddles you must drive through. Sometimes puddles have deep pot holes that can damage your car or whet the breaks.
  4. Check your tire inflation. All those potholes can give you a flat if your tires aren’t properly inflated. Check your tire inflation monthly, and inflate or deflate your tires as necessary.

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