How To: Save on Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Save on Your Motorcycle Insurance in Phoenix, AZ

Here are four ways you can save money on your motorcycle insurance.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of owning a motorcycle (besides the freedom and looking cool, of course) is its cost effectiveness. Not only is your bike itself more affordable than a car, but it also uses way less gas. Why not keep that savings train rolling and look for ways to save on your motorcycle insurance? Here are a few to get you started.

  1. Go back to school. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers rider safety courses all over the country and online. Taking these classes shows your insurer that you care about avoiding accidents. They’re grateful for that extra step towards safety, and might be willing to express their gratitude in the form of lower premiums.
  2. Raise your deductible. The more you’re willing to pay in the event you do need your coverage to kick in, the more you can save. A higher deductible means a reduced risk for your insurer, and they’ll reward you with lower rates.
  3. Join a club. Becoming a verified member of a motorcycle club will do more than perk up your social game. It can also help you save money! Some insurers will offer discounts to members of legitimate motorcycle clubs (e.g. Honda Riders Club of America, Harley Owners Group).
  4. Combine your policies. You probably already have home or renters insurance, and you might have car insurance, too. Ask your insurance agency about bundling your policies together. Generally, you should be able to secure a decent multi-policy discount when you have a single insurer provide you with several policies.

These tips will get you started with motorcycle insurance savings, but we can take you to the next level. To talk to an expert who can pinpoint specific ways you can shrink your premiums, contact American Premier Insurance, serving Phoenix and neighboring cities in Arizona.