Can a Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

Can a Speeding Ticket Affect My Car Insurance

Everyone tends to be in a hurry at some time or another. We all tend to push the line when it comes to following the speed limit. Getting a ticket can happen to anyone, even those who try really hard not to speed excessively. One ticket may not damage your record too much. However, if you are speeding excessively or have multiple violations or accidents, you may not be so lucky.

Tickets, Citations, and Accidents

Tickets, citations, and accidents all have different impacts on your auto insurance. Disregarding traffic signs, excess speeding, or multiple violations, especially ones that result in auto accidents, can be disastrous for your insurance. Too many of any of the three can prevent you from getting insurance through a private insurance company. This will leave you with no option but to apply for high-risk insurance at incredibly high rates.

Loss of Discounts

Depending on the type of ticket you get and the seriousness of the infraction, you may lose your discounts. Safe driving and good student discounts are based on how responsible you are. Getting one speeding ticket does not make you irresponsible. We all make mistakes. Even if an accident is not part of the scenario, getting multiple tickets or citations is a completely different story. It shows that you may not be as attentive as you should be while driving

High-Risk Insurance

While one ticket may be forgiven, multiples will not, and you may end up being forced to apply for a high-risk insurance policy. If this happens, you will be paying much higher premiums, and the discounts you took advantage of in the past will no longer be available. In some cases, you may not qualify for traditional auto insurance for several years.

Ways to Lower Your Premiums

If you do get a speeding ticket and your auto insurance premiums would happen to increase, there are a few things you can do to help bring them back down. First, take a defensive driving course. It shows you are willing to become reacquainted with the rules of the road. Second, talk to your insurance agent about installing a small transmitting beacon on your car. This small device monitors how you drive. It reports your average speed, hard braking, and quick acceleration events.

When it comes to being a safe driver, everyone does their best. There are times, however, when we do fail. A speeding ticket isn’t the end of the world, but it can impact your driving record and auto insurance. Contact our agents at American Premier Insurance today to find out how we can help you lower your risk and get the auto insurance you need at an affordable price.