How to Switch Your Auto Insurance Smoothly

Switch Auto Insurance

Looking for a different car insurance policy? Make the transition smooth with these tips.

If you’re looking to change your auto insurance policy, you may be tempted to wait until your current coverage runs out. For those looking to move soon, be aware that you don’t need to wait until your coverage expires before switching your policy! Whether you’re looking for a different insurer, a cheaper rate, or more extensive coverage, find out how you can make the transition a smooth one!

Research. Before you begin shopping, know what you want in a policy. You should go into a search knowing:

  • What coverage you want (for example, best for your budget, best for your long-term finances, best for your family, etc.)
  • Your monthly budget
  • Your vehicle details
  • Whether want to go with a local insurer
  • Whether you plan to bundle your policies or insurer additional cars

Shop. Most (if not all) of us will turn to the Internet to look for auto insurers now. Now that you know what you want, you can enter in specifics and receive online quotes from different companies. Once you’ve narrowed it down to two or three policies, give the insurers a call to fully understand their business policies and the coverage that they offer.

Switch. Organize your new auto insurance policy to begin before you end your old policy. Even one day without auto coverage can hike up your rates and could be potentially damaging your vehicle if something were to happen on that day (it’s Sod’s law, after all). Call your previous insurer to cancel coverage and ensure that the policy won’t be auto-renewed.

Celebrate! Now that your new coverage is in place, print off your new ID cards and keep them in each insured vehicle at all times. Then, celebrate about your new coverage!

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