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Key Factors That Influence Business Insurance Rates

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As business owners know, your premium is comprised of a multitude of factors. It’s not a number that is plucked out the air by an insurance agency; instead, it’s developed from analyzing a business risk. Take a look at the top factors that influence your business insurance rates. The location of your business The location

Benefits of Using an Independent Agent for Your Business Insurance Needs

Want to get the best insurance for your business in Phoenix, AZ? Choose an independent agent! As a business owner, nobody knows your business better than you. That’s why it’s so important that you give your valuable insider insight when searching for the right insurance coverage for your business. When you meet with an independent

Eight Steps to Reduce Risks to Your Business Vehicles

Risk Business Vehicles Insurance

Combat common risks on the road by protecting business vehicles and drivers. Small and large businesses alike make use of commercial vehicles to maintain their operations, transport products, and allow employees movability. Owning and operating commercial vehicles means that your business is always on the move – but it also comes with its share of

How to Find Coverage That Matches Your Business Size

Size Business Insurance Coverage

Matching business insurance to the size of the entity. The types and amount of insurance that you need for our small business vary considerably based on several factors. The kind of business, your location, and if you have employees are some of the key details that insurers take into consideration when determining the right coverage

Questions to Ask Your Commercial Insurance Agent About General Liability Coverage

Questions to Ask General Liability Coverage

What you should be asking your agent about general liability insurance. As a small business owner, you know that protecting your investment is just part of what it means to run a business. Quite simply, if you don’t, all of your hard work could be easily lost in a single incident. While you can do

What is Employer’s Liability Insurance?

Employer’s Liability Insurance Phoenix AZ

Protect your employees with the right liability insurance. As a rule of thumb, if someone is employed by you or working under your control or supervision, you’re legally required to have employer’s liability insurance. No matter how safe you think you are, workplace injuries can happen when you least expect them. If your employee gets

Why is Business Continuity Important?

Why is Business Continuity Important

After disasters, businesses face risks of closing. Across the nation, we’ve seen a variety of severe weather-related events. As there is little we can do to control the weather system, there are steps that we must take to protect our lives on the ground. Many businesses face a huge amount of exposures. Managing these risk