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Add These Insurance Resolutions to Your 2017 List!

Insurance Resolutions

Kick off the New Year with these insurance resolutions. Are you ready to ring in the New Year? If you’re all set for 2017, you’ll need to factor in an insurance review. Coverage protects your assets, family, and finances. To best determine what policy is best for you, you’ll need to assess your current policies

Get Your Head in The Gutters for Fall Cleaning

Fall Cleaning Home Insurance Phoenix AZ

This fall, don’t slip up by forgetting to clean out your home’s gutters. Now that the autumn season is upon us, you may have noticed the falling leaves and earthy debris…building up in your rain gutters. During autumn, gutters quickly get blocked up with leaves, piled upon the spring and summer debris. Your gutters are

Top 5 Must-Do’s for All New Homeowners

Tasks Homeowners Must Do

Tasks that every new homeowner should complete straight away. New homeowner, congratulations on making it through the mortgage process and landing your dream home! Now that you have the keys to your new pad, it’s time to flop on the couch after a long day of moving. Before you begin unpacking your fine china, there

Dive into Pool Insurance: What You Need to Know

Keep Your Pool Insured in Phoenix AZ

Don’t leave your pool exposed to deep waters – protect and prevent accidents! Nothing quite beats being able to relax in your own back garden on a hot, summer day. After all, who wants to fight with sweaty tourists over sun loungers on a crowded beach? Not us, that’s for sure. That’s when a pool becomes

I’m Going on Vacation & Leaving My Home Vacation Now What?

It can be a little unnerving leaving your home vacant while being on vacation. After all, vacation is about taking time off and not having to worry about anything. The last thing you want to do is make a homeowners insurance or renters insurance claim when you return, so here are a few tips to

Welcome to our Blog

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American Premier Insurance Agency presents… Welcome to our new blog. In the coming weeks and months we hope to fill these pages with the topics that mean the most to you. Information and news about current insurance industry trends, tips to make sure you’re covered properly… not too much, not too little. We’ll share local